Gamma Rolls Celik Sanayi, an industrial engineering and steel
casting company located in Istanbul Turkey, is Rolling Mill Roll
Shaft and Ring supplier for the Iron and Steel Mills and the Project
Companies. Our highest priority is to providing Rolls timely at the
exact chemical composition and at the entire technical requirements in respect to
performance and life-term criteria.

Regarding production period, we share a very huge responsibility of technical
staff in the roll shop of the steel mills, providing technical advice.
The technical support is not only considering pass design of rolls, hardness and suitable quality selection by the stand position and type of rolling mill  but also cover the entire mill parameters such as cooling condition, water chemical analysis, ph, rolling speed, rolling temperature in comparison similar type and most successful rolling mill analysis.

Every single part produced in accordance with ISO
standard is controlled by certified and experienced technical staff.

Starting from simulation stages of the parts, the chemical composition, ultrasonic
tests, dimensional, physical controls are applied thru well
installed and well-practiced standards.

The entire production period is strictly scheduled by planning engineers according
to dates of delivery, covering shipment period until arrival of the
goods to the plants. Gamma Roll guarantee period for the rolls covering up to
scrap diameter usage for free charge of re-placement.

We express our sincere appreciation for our partners who shared our common values for sustainable growth along the years.

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